[thelist] hasLayout triggering & best practice

David Laakso david at chelseacreekstudio.com
Fri Dec 3 12:47:47 CST 2010

On 12/3/10 10:24 AM, Barney Carroll wrote:
>     1. Could it be argued that *any* layout...

You could argue that in conversation and on paper from here to eternity 
but making it happen on a screen with anything short of a very 
simplistic layout is a pipe-dream. And therein may lie an answer in and 
of itself: for example, you might feed the lower-IEs -- given you work 
with a willing and  progressive client -- a simple 600px fixed-width 
version based on the same principles as advocated for mobile handsets.

>     2. ... but I would be interested if
>     there were other reasons I may be missing.

Dunno. No problem with zoom: 1; that I know of? And, other than that CCs 
mean repeated trips to the server whereas IE hacks in one style sheet 
involves dragging them along to to compliant [and somewhat compliant] 
browsers. As with any method  it depends on the site itself and personal 
opinion as to the most efficient way to handle the particular need at hand.

> Regards,
> Barney Carroll




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