[thelist] news aggregator suggestions?

Garth Hagerman hagerman at mcn.org
Fri Oct 29 20:50:34 CDT 2010

Hi all-
I'm putting together a community site for my rural county. It seems  
like a news aggregator would be a useful addition. I have reasonable  
php/mysql/html/css skills, but I'm not up to building an aggregator  
from scratch.

I've considered using Drupal with aggregator and weather modules, but  
it's just one page of a large site, the rest of the site is home made,  
and I haven't used Drupal enough to do the needed modifcations to  
incorporate one Drupal page into the design/navigation scheme of a  
larger site. I'm sure I could do that if I really needed to, but it  
would be an unecessary chore.

A standalone aggregator seems like a better idea, but which one?
Google points me to Phprssreader, over and over. Even the free version  
looks adequate. Maybe. Has anybody used it? Do they like it?
I've gone through the listings at Sourceforge, and none of them look  
promising. Some of those scripts' development has been suspended,  
one's still in beta, and most of them are desktop readers rather than  
scripts intended to be incorporated into a website.

Any other ideas/recommendations?

     Thanks in advance

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