[thelist] email validation

L. M. Arun 437341 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 02:47:32 CDT 2010

Try this

It checks DNS MX records as well as performing SMTP level validation

L.M. Arun

> Try this
> http://www.tienhuis.nl/php-email-address-validation-with-verify-prob
> Thx, I tested it.  Only partially works.  It says that bobm at dottedibiz
> is valid, but also so is applepie at dottedi.biz, or anything else that
> doesn't break syntax criteria.  It seems to validify domain only.

> I have links to several others that I googled to test, but some are
> documented for the tech community, and miss the target on simple
> testing/implementation, thus I need to read deep.

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