[thelist] email validation

Jens Brueckmann jens.brueckmann at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 11:09:47 CDT 2010

> Try this
>> http://www.tienhuis.nl/php-email-address-validation-with-verify-prob
> Thx, I tested it.  Only partially works.  It says that bobm at dottedibiz is
> valid, but also so is applepie at dottedi.biz, or anything else that doesn't
> break syntax criteria.  It seems to validify domain only.

Did you really test this?

The incorrect address bobm at dottedibiz returns: Address syntax not correct

The correct address applepie at dottedi.biz or something like
applepiexxxxsdfsdkjsdfjksfhs at dottedi.biz returns reply code 250.

Thus it seems to me that the mail server of dottedi.biz has catch-all
enabled and is not configured correctly.
For the bogus address applepiexxxxsdfsdkjsdfjksfhs at dottedi.biz it
should rather return reply code 252 (or 550, if catch-all is

So you see that the best script will fail if mail servers do not work properly.



Jens Brueckmann

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