[thelist] email validation

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Jul 1 10:22:03 CDT 2010

> Subject: [thelist] email validation
>>> I'm looking for a PHP script that does email validation (DNS, really
> exists, etc), not just format validation.
> Try this
> http://www.tienhuis.nl/php-email-address-validation-with-verify-prob
Thx, I tested it.  Only partially works.  It says that bobm at dottedibiz 
is valid, but also so is applepie at dottedi.biz, or anything else that 
doesn't break syntax criteria.  It seems to validify domain only.

I have links to several others that I googled to test, but some are 
documented for the tech community, and miss the target on simple 
testing/implementation, thus I need to read deep.


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