[thelist] free heatmap mouse tracking scripts?

David david at deadpansincerity.com
Wed Jun 30 04:09:52 CDT 2010

Re free scripts, I've used Clickheat[1](GPL) before, which is half decent
but struggles to
deal with different screen resolutions as I remember, has been a while
though, so YMMV.

Have also used Clicktale but found them not worth the cash for the long
term - fascinating to watch, great service && the demo is worth setting up,
but not
really the metrics I'm interested in for my particular situation.

FWIW In the end I decided that what I was more interested in was which
links get clicked on particular pages (Almost exclusively targetted
landing pages) compared to the bounce for that page. Google Analytics
has an overlay feature which can be made to work for that purpose... As
GA tracks pageviews rather than clicks, 'tagging' links on a page with
GET variables (e.g. href=foo.html?src=lftcol, href=foo.html?src=banner)
allows you to see clearly on a page which links people are clicking.

Love regards etc

David Miller

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and

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