[thelist] How Do I Make Floating Div Heights Match?

Rachell Coe vinografia at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 17:46:32 CDT 2010

Hi All!  I have 3 floating divs at http://senderswines.server302.com that
not only need to have the same heights, but ALL of them need to be able
expand the same amount downward whenever one of them has a lot of content.
I know I can do this easily using tables, but was hoping to make it work
using css -- is there a way to do this?  (And I don't want to set fixed
pixel heights to them because I want them to be able to expand with
content)  In case you need it, here is a link to the css
http://senderswines.server302.com/main.css and the 3 problem divs are called
'sidebarL', 'contentDIV' and 'sidebarR'


Rachell Coe
4 the Grapes

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