[thelist] Extract Data from MP3 in Classic ASP

Christopher Marsh Christopher.Marsh at akqa.com
Wed Mar 10 04:07:39 CST 2010


> > The Google term you're missing is VBScript; when you get to this
> level of
> > coding, touching the file system etc, I've noticed that folks refer
> to the
> > scripting language (vbscript) instead of the file type (asp)
> Great. Thanks for the links too. I will review them and see if I can
> get the job done.

Some thoughts, in no particular order.

* If you *must* extract the images from the MP3 upon request, make sure you configure a cache policy that optimises the user experience and resource useage.
* How do the MP3s end up on the server? If possible, I'd explore the possibility of extracting the image on upload rather than request, running a tool on existing MP3s to generate legacy images once.
* Another avenue to explore would be having a service that generates a cache of the images, outside the ASP process. This frees you from the constraints of VBScript and COM, although the negatives are a) you'll need to be able to configure services on the server, and b) there's a possibility that an image won't be available for a given MP3 for a brief period after it's been added, before the service re-generates the cache.

HTH, Cheers!


Chris Marsh

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