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Mon Dec 7 20:20:56 CST 2009


This question comes strictly from my own ignorance, and because it seems
to be a particularly slow Sunday evening on the list.


In your opinion, which is the superior - more stable, reliable, easier
to install, learn, manage, connect to, etc... - open source database
platform available? The subject line of this email limited the field to
MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, however, it there are others out there please list
them. Basically, what I am looking for is a non marketing type
comparison of the two database systems. Servers all over the word run
MySQL and love it and yet Red Hat in there Red Hat database package have
chosen PostgreSQL as their base. Which is better, or do their strengths
lead in two separate directions?

As I said, I am truly ignorant about the two databases and am really
looking for peoples comparisons and experiences with both. (I am not
trying to start a holy war here over DB's, really.) Just trying to learn

So what do people think? Or should we all just stick with Oracle?!?


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