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Just curious - what functions do you need that you can't do with DOS ftp?

CuteFTP has lots of features, but it's easy to ignore the ones you don't
need. The newer versions don't have the spyware anymore. (I think they were
prompted by Steve Gibson; check for extensive info on spyware,
and a very good tool for detecting/removing it)

CuteFTP Pro has lots of bugs and loses many of the features I liked in 4.0
(like the ability to use an external editor - they can't take away my
TextPad!) It does have a full-fledged synchronizing function, but wait for
the next release.

I've used ws_ftp and it seems to have a full feature-set without bloat, but
I just couldn't get used to the interface; personal preference, not

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I use Cute-ftp, but there is some spyware in it,, (doesn't bother me
personally). Ws_ftp le ver 5.08 is freeware and has plenty of functions.
It and many other softwarez can be found at should get you to ws_ftp le


"Daniel J. Cody" <djc at> said:

 > What do you all use, recommened, etc?
 > I used to use ws_ftp back in the day(winsock!!), but i've heard there
 > are some really nice clients out there now.. Not anything bloaty,
 > feature over-laden, or that will track my movements around the 'net..

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