[thelist] E-Commerce - Access to Watch Videos

Jeremy Weiss eccentric.one at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 10:50:40 CST 2009

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 8:45 AM, Todd Richards <todd at promisingsites.com> wrote:
> Things the site must do:
> - It has to rely on the honor system to a point, but by making them go
> through the whole video before they get their certificate, it at least
> attempts to make them watch it.
> - They don't want to allow someone to share access with others.
> - They want as much control over the site as possible, including  uploading
> the videos.


I'd recommend doing it in Drupal.. but then I recommend Drupal for
nearly everything. :)

Also, I took a drivers ed course online a couple years back. Every so
often some text would appear at the bottom of the screen that said
something like 'the answer to # 4 is C. At the end of the video I was
taken to a 'quiz' where there were 50 rows of radio buttons marked A
though D. To get the certificate I had to answer them all correctly,
thus 'proving' I watched the video. It seemed like an easy way to
verify someone watched the video.

Timers also seem popular. At random points between 5 and 15 minutes
have a window open up asking the user to confirm they're still there.
If they don't, then log them out.

As for keeping others from being able to watch the videos, maybe try
setting it so that it only displays the certificate one time. If they
don't print it then, they'll have to call in and have that reset.
Thus, someone else could watch, but they wouldn't have any proof of
doing so.


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