[thelist] awkward hover over text

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Nov 16 09:09:31 CST 2009

I see this commonly and have a request to make this happen.

In a 200px wide right column with an image to the right (could be left 
for that matter) client wants a sentence of text to the left of the pic 
in the column that is a link, so say 15 words pushed into a narrow space 
floundering to 7-8 lines after wrapping.

Links that are underlined and span multiple lines aren't particularly 
aesthetic. Does that matter?   You know the drill.  Yes I could disable 
the underline as a:link and yes I can make it into a block such that the 
entire block changes color or it only underlines upon hover, but I'd 
like to hear back what some others think.


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