[thelist] PayPal buttons inactive after 'continue shopping'

ivo cervantes_vive at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 7 09:27:49 CST 2009

Was just giving it a look. The 'Continue Shopping' button triggers this JS onclick


which attempts to set the location of the parent window 

parentWin.location.href = shoppingURL;

and throws an exception that kills the page.

Seems WebKit throws this error if the parent window is HTTP and the child window is HTTPS. If both are the same then I dont see the issue.

Hope this helps.

- Ivo

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> Subject: [thelist] PayPal buttons inactive after 'continue shopping'
> Using Google Chrome, on this page (and others)
> http://www.commonsenseentrepreneur.com/ce/#buynow if you add something to
> the cart, then click the 'continue shopping' button which just closes the
> PayPal page, none of the buttons work. Refreshing the page resurrects them.
> Clicking the 'View Cart' button and leaving the cart page/tab open seems to
> solve it as well.
> IE and Firefox get it right every time. Safari (on my Windows box) is
> spotty.
> Chrome and Firefox open the cart in a new tab; Safari and IE open a new
> window. That doesn't seem to be related.
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