[thelist] ZIP. Boom. Cuckoo...

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Thu Nov 5 14:15:01 CST 2009

i'd first check with friends to see who has a ZIP drive... check with 
geeks... check with programmers and graphic designers who were in 
school 15 years ago... check with a friend who works for a college or 
a large IT department...

many orgs (like mine) dropped money on a USB ZIP so that we could 
pass it around internally and sometimes help a client rescue old data 
by bringing it on-site...

if that doesn't work, buy the refurb and install it in a friend's 
machine without telling...

On 5 Nov 2009 at 16:38, Conyers, Dwayne wrote:
> I saw a cheap ($45) refurbished IDE ZIP drive... but don't want to
> open my tower and install it -- assuming it would even work on my
> 64-bit Pavilion.  Hmm...
> Ideas?

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