[thelist] Wordpress Calendar

Mark Henderson mark at cwc.co.nz
Thu Aug 6 21:56:16 CDT 2009

I'm currently running the Events Calendar plugin (with an s!) on a
Wordpress blog for a client with the Atahualpa theme, and want to hide
one (possibly both) of the sidebars so the display isn't so tight. I'm
just starting with Wordpress and am wondering how this might be done. I
checked the calendar options and this doesn't seem to be available
anywhere, and the code doesn't have a body id so I can't use pure CSS to
achieve this either, at least to the best of my knowledge. 

Also, if anyone has a recommendation for another calendar that may (or
may not) be better, please let me know as I am also open to this avenue,
as the current calendar isn't exactly ideal.



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