[thelist] mysql query - replacing characters

James O'Donnell jimmyropes at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 05:12:33 CDT 2009

Why do you add a space in the concat and then remove it in the replace?

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I'm trying to write a query that will combine two fields and then remove all
non-letter and non-number characters. 

SELECT unique_id,
street_name),' ',''),'-',''),'/',''),'#',''),'.','') AS address FROM
listings HAVING address LIKE '%123EasySt%'

Now, this works up to what I have there. But, if I try to add an additional
REPLACE to it, it kicks up an error saying something's wrong with my syntax.

I guess my first question is, is there a better way to write this query? And
if not, why won't it accept more nested replace statements?




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