[thelist] Good Drupal book for web pros

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
Fri Jun 5 09:58:39 CDT 2009

Hi All,
I bought the O'Reilly book on Drupal, which is good for understanding the
components, etc. except it really is for people who are going to use it
without doing any tweaks and don't need to understand anything under the
covers. So, does anyone know of the best book if you are a web developer and
do want to understand how it all works, like I think there is no reference
to the URL of pages in the database, so you can easily move an installation
from development server to final resting place without any problems. I was
looking for a way to just redirect the files from the Drupal folder, which I
couldn't get to work. (Correct me if I am wrong!)

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