[thelist] how do you manage/respond?

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Mon Jun 1 10:56:23 CDT 2009

> A new thread on Client Content could be started if anybody has any
> suggestions on How To Train Clients in this regard.

I'm just about to get on a call, but wanted to toss out this great
'persuasion/teaching' concept I learned from Allen Fahden (he wrote a
cool book in 1991 called 'Innovation on Demand' that's chock full of
excellent thinking patterns and tools.)

I'm always talking about building bridges; Allen points out a flaw in
how many of us do it: if you're building a bridge from "I'm over here"
to "You're over there" we tend to start by laying out our argument from
our perspective, laying the boards for the bridge one at a time. Thing
is, the client can't possibly take even a single step until the whole
bridge is built. Then, we have to lead them back over it *again*, only
this time they might be listening.

Instead, swim over and build the bridge from their side. Start from
*where they are now* and gently nudge them to make one small change to
what they're doing. "Instead of getting all your professional photos
printed, and having me scan them, you might have your photographer
provide digital copies, saving time and expense. I'd be glad to speak to
them directly if you prefer."

Baby steps, starting from their perspective.

I am considering a webinar version of the customer service workshop I
present so if anyone's interested, gimme a shout offlist. I promise not
to clutter thelist with too much shameless self-promotion.


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