[thelist] taking over web work from a Mac/iWeb user

Steve Axthelm steveax at pobox.com
Sat May 23 11:33:29 CDT 2009

On 2009-05-21 Matt McKeon wrote:

>Joel D Canfield wrote:
>>we're taking over web maintenance for someone who's built and maintained
>>their site using only iWeb on their Mac. when asked about hosting, FTP,
>>any of that, she stares blankly and says 'no idea what that even means'
>I know nothing about iWeb, but I would assume the only thing you'll find
>out from it would the the remote address and username for connecting via
>S/FTP; as most likely the password will not be readable.

I don't use iWeb either, but dollars to doughnuts it stores its 
passwords in the system-wide login keychain. You can retrieve 
those through the Keychain Access utility (Applications -> 
Utilities -> Keychain Access). 2Click the correct entry, tick 
the "Show Password" checkbox, authenticate using the main login 
password and you'll be golden.



Steve Axthelm
steveax at pobox.com

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