[thelist] long-term autoresponder-type service

Joel D Canfield Joel at BizBa6.com
Mon May 18 15:03:11 CDT 2009

more than one client wants to create a 'thought [or whatever] of the
day' service with, in at least one case, a year's worth of emails to go
out (yes, that's 365 thoughts; beats my record.)

some of the bulk email tools we use have what seem to be unlimited
autoresponders; someone signs up, then gets this series automatically.

is there a better option? I tend to think of autoresponders as some kind
of follow-up tool, but for automated delivery, is this the right way to

I'm thinking, in part, of DailyLit and their 'read a book by email' tool
where you sign up and get a bit of a book every day. multiple members
are getting one or more books on totally different rotations, all, I
would assume, automated.



Joel D Canfield
Joel at BizBa6.com

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