[thelist] Web clipping application

L. Mohan Arun (marun2@gmail.com) marun2 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 00:42:57 CST 2009

List members,

I am looking for installing a shareware or freeware RSS reading application
that will do these things:

a) I have 60+ RSS/Atom feeds I need tracked every day. Many of these are
high-traffic feeds that have 100+ new items every 90 mins. These are not
stock quotes or monetary information.
b) I keep my IE open all the time with Gmail open all through the day. So my
solution needs to work with IE 7 (No firefox plugins).
c) I will assign a priority to each feed. I need 2 lines of titles from the
clips to be displayed above my browser window somehow. Higher-priority feeds
with newer items need to display first. Once one item has been displayed it
should not be displayed again. I need forward and backward navigation
through all the items in each of the feeds, one at a time. Something like
Web Clips in Gmail. Web Clips in Gmail does not meet my requirements because
it shows duplicate items from old feeds when I have other feeds that have
other important and newer items. I also things like "Spam Recipes" in Gmail
web clips and it is annoying for me because I have tons of important feeds.
d) Ability to block various items in feeds based on keywords. For example I
need these words to be blocked. If any of these words appear in the titles
of the items, then those items should not be displayed. "Firefox"
"Greasemonkey" "Ubuntu" "Bollywood" "Obama" "Democrats" "Republicans"
"Dubai" and the list has some 100 block words.

If there is such an application, please let me know.


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