[thelist] how to preview a tiled image in photoshop

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Jan 20 23:12:49 CST 2009

Sarah Adams wrote:
> Googling for what I need here is only finding me tutorials on creating a
> tiling background. I already have an image that will tile just fine,
> what I want to do is preview the image as if it was tiled, e.g. for a
> web page background. Does anyone know of a plugin or something that will
> make this possible?

If I understand your question right:

Say you have a 50px by 50px image that will tile, and you want to 
preview the "tiled" look, say on a 800x600 canvas.

1. You select the entire image (or layer) you want to tile.

2. edit --> define pattern

3. create a new larger blank canvas (800x600 or whatever)

4. on new canvas, select all

5. edit --> fill --> [dialog box] use (drop down to "pattern" -- your 
new pattern will be at the end)

6. ta da! The new canvas will fill with your pattern.

& wash, rinse, repeat. That's how I do it on Photoshop 7 for the Mac and 
I'm pretty sure it's not changed much if at all in current versions.


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