[thelist] star-hacks vs conditional comments

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Jan 19 10:17:48 CST 2009

Barney Carroll wrote:
> Practice is important to consider — especially during elaborate debugging,
> where you'll want to know what 'mechanic' is affecting things differently

I'd venture that conditional comments are not "hacks" in that they don't 
rely on bugs to work which to my mind would make them a more desirable 
technique...?  I'm guessing the star hacks are pretty stable but 

Anyway, I thank you all for your insight.  As always it has clarified 
the situation for me.

Since I currently and generally develop on a Mac, I have to move to a 
different machine to check IE, so for a simple site I generally only 
check IE after a the main structure of a layout is complete, and if that 
goes well, later after the bells and whistles are added.  To me, the 
idea of keeping all IE-specific styles 1. minimal and 2. out of the way 
of my "real" stylesheet, is desirable.   Also, I tend to separate styles 
out anyway (structure -> color/type -> whatever).  So it makes sense to 
my brain.

It is helpful to know why some folks choose one technique over another.


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