[thelist] Send hidden data from a form

Mattias Thorslund mattias at thorslund.us
Sat Jan 3 02:15:16 CST 2009

Anthony Baratta wrote:
> There is one other issue you need to take care of in your coding style 
> that will cause problems if you don't change:
> e.g. print "<option value=$team_name>";
> You are not surrounding your values with quotes/apostrophes. You should 
> be doing something like this:
>       print "<option value='$team_name'>";
> or
>       print "<option value=\"$team_name\">";
> That was the real reason you were seeing issues with Red Sox only 
> showing Red on the browser submit.

Am I wrong in recalling that XHTML (i.e. XML) calls for using double 
quotes (as opposed to using single quotes) around attribute values? Not 
that everyone uses XHTML but if one is going to adopt a new coding 
style, it might as well be the most relevant and latest-greatest.



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