[thelist] Send hidden data from a form

Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
Mon Dec 29 21:06:58 CST 2008



I am trying to overcome a problem where the data received from an HTML form
menu is being truncated when a space is seen.  For example, if the option
value of Red Sox is sent, it is truncated to Red.


I have not been able to find an answer to this for over a year now.  I
thought that another way to tackle this would be to send a hidden code with
each option value: for example; Red Sox, Code = 123, Blue Sox, Code  = 124
etc.  Then, the receiving script could simply look for the returned codes.
Is there a way of embedding codes to option values when the form is
displayed.  Receiving the code would be straight forward.  I know you can
send a hidden value associated with an "input" value, but can you associate
it with a "select/option" value?


I am using PHP4.




Santilal Parbhu

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