[thelist] Where is SVG? And where stands SVG in comparison to Flash?

Victor Augusto de Campos piva00 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 09:36:07 CST 2008

Actually I'm developing some complex applications using SVG/VML and so
far it still VERY limited in many browsers, rendering failures are
common, far as common than I would expect nowadays, the KSVG renderer,
used by most Webkit-based browsers, is filled with bugs, especially
when you try to dynamic generate animations, transformations to the
shapes, etc; the VML renderer has some limitations too, I found that
when you try to redraw a more complex path by dynamically changing
it's path-string (sorry, don't know how to call the attribute which
actually sets the path shape) the render fails and oddly draws the
shape until the final action, where it magically draw the correct
Sincerely, it's still quite frustrating developing such things :/

Best regards and good luck :D

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 3:14 PM, Conyers, Dwayne <dwayne.conyers at hp.com> wrote:
> John Dowdell [jdowdell at adobe.com] was rumored to have stated:
>> I don't know that anyone has bothered updating the
>> common conformance testing of the current most-
>> popular browsers, but regardless of brand, over 90%
>> of them already have a predictable renderer with
>> screaming logic:
> We have some legacy SVG files... many of them work wonderfully and scale beautifully with IE 7 and Firefox 3, but some files tend to "explode" -- requiring a refresh of the browser that *sometimes* fixes the problem.
> I think it is a memory issue -- certainly not an issue with Flash (except for the nagging Z-order issue where Flash overrides scripted pop-ups in dominance, unlike SVG).
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