[thelist] Financial Situation

Joel D Canfield Joel at CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com
Mon Dec 15 12:00:27 CST 2008

> But sometimes people are going to realize
> that if all they want is bacon, they don't need to pay for the
> lipstick on the pig. 

and it's our job to know who's who, and specialize. bacon is a
commodity. folks will, on the whole, look for the best price on an
acceptable product. and we don't wanna sell lipsticked pigs to folks who
really don't want them. that's unethical. if you can code like the wind
and make money bulk-selling your commodity, you can still be in demand.
it's just a different demand.

but some folks want more than a coder; they want someone who'll hold
their hand, manage the project, proactively advise, etc. so if we're
selling the perfect lipsticked pig to someone who values it, we can make
fewer sales and still make a living.

> And sometimes people are going to realize they
> have taken an analogy way too far.

kinda like putting coppery toned lipstick on a pig, when we all know
pigs are either 'spring' or 'winter' and need something with bluish
undertones to draw out the glorious lustre of their artifice.

because, sometimes, people *aren't* going to realize they have taken an
analogy for a walk in the park.


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