[thelist] Where is SVG? And where stands SVG in comparison to Flash?

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Mon Dec 15 11:11:08 CST 2008

A lot depends on what you wish your audience's browsers to accomplish.

Many pieces which consist of "graphics tables and maps" can be handled by the drawing and scripting capabilities common to your audience's various browsers.

As the project becomes more ambitious, though, it may push that common intersection of the different proprietary browser brands.

I don't know that anyone has bothered updating the common conformance testing of the current most-popular browsers, but regardless of brand, over 90% of them already have a predictable renderer with screaming logic:


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Hi there,

a couple of years ago we developed some applications based on SVG.
Then, it was getting quiet on our side, and on Adobe's side Flash
replaced SVG.

Now, we're thinking again about some dynamic, interactive content
development using graphics, tables and maps, and I wonder in which
direction we should head. SVG & OpenSource, or Flash & Proprietary.
We've always used opensource software. But I wonder if the level of
interactivity between the different elements mentioned above can
really be achieved efficiently with SVG.

Thanks for any suggestions and thoughts!



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