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Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Thu Oct 30 00:18:30 CDT 2008

On 2008/10/28 23:11 (GMT-0700) Will composed:

> Design wise, the line length thing really kills fluid for me. Slashdot is
> unreadable and I don't really want to resize my browser window for a single
> site.

Yi yi yi yi yi yi yi. LAAAAAAAZZZZZZZY!!! Slashdot would be one of the best
of the good if it still respected the user's default size as it used to. It
makes it easy for the user to decide how many words per line is just right,
via zoom and/or window width adjustment. OTOH, with lines too short, window
resizing can't help a thing.

> CSS' inability to know a thing about number of charachters/words in a
> given line makes setting line lengths really difficult

CSS can set a rather precise word count per line. To do that requires using
what's called an em unit, something part of CSS since its day one. One
decides how many words per line is desired, divide by however many em it
takes to get that width, and set width to that instead of some totally
arbitrary px width.

>  because, as has been
> pointed out in this thread, setting it on a unit of measurement doesn't
> really work.

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