[thelist] Troubleshoot help

Chris Booth chris at gn.apc.org
Tue Oct 14 04:29:09 CDT 2008

Well I can't see the logo in IE (but it appears in FireFox), so can 
confirm that there is a problem.

It doesn't appear even if I try to load http://wamalaw.com/logo.jpg 
directly. I tried downloading the file and opening it as a local file 
in IE and that didn't work either, so it would seem unlikely that it 
is anything to do with the structure of the web page.

Maybe there is something peculiar in the format of the jpeg that 
prevents IE from displaying it? Does it work if you replace logo.jpg 
with another image (which you know is displayed properly in IE)?

- Chris

On 02:30 14/10/2008, Paul Bennett wrote:
> > Have a very peculiar problem.  Logo, on navigation column, 
> appears as broken link in IE7
>No problems here - I can see the logo fine in IE7
>Cache issues (CTRL + F5 might help)?

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