[thelist] dotster confirmation

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Oct 13 20:34:46 CDT 2008

I got the same thing, claiming that I asked to be on a dotster mailing 
list.  Sorry, but no, I did not.

So it got no response from me.  But then, I'm a lazy google millionaire 
with giant pens.



Bob Meetin wrote:
> One of my clients who uses dotster got an email to confirm her email 
> address; being cautious she forwarded the confirmation to me.  So is it 
> legit or SCAM?  i would not expect dotster to communicate this way.
> http://emailer.dotster.com/confirm.pl 
> I took off the "?cYKGuArLSbwz-......" stuff.  If I go to 
> emailer.dotster.com it redirects to: http://www.eroi.com/
> Have I already answered my question?

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