[thelist] SEO: search results wildly different from Google to Yahoo

Dan Stockton prosayist at inbox.com
Thu May 1 19:07:56 CDT 2008

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> .. Searching Yahoo for assuredhealth.com returns their site,
> but that's just one step above 'not web savvy' and I don't expect it to
> happen.
> While most web savvy types would just put the domain name in the address
> bar, some of those involved are not web savvy..
> Thanks.
> joel

Sorry, Joel - I don't have a direct answer for you, but:

On a certain site I maintain, about nine percent of the search phrases 
whereby someone clicked onto said site were exactly the domain name.

Also, I frequently work with web UNsavvy clients who have said (and I've 
seen them actually do this) "when I want to go to ebay I just punch 
ebay.com into google" evidently satisfied with the extra click.

Another that I've worked for was going to ask me how to get her site 'on 
google' and later told me that she thought she must be all set now 
because if she searches for her domain name her site comes up first.

Obviously Google and Yahoo! have different algorithms and indexes and 
I've noticed 'wildly different' results myself (i.e. a search on Yahoo 
for terms that would seemingly bring a particular result but being 
appalled and bewildered when seeing something totally illogical).

Maybe none of this helps you but I thought I should point out the fact 
that some users actually do search for domain names.. maybe that's what 
you were implying by 'most web savvy types would just put the domain 
name in the address bar'.


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