[thelist] trouble starting Apache locally

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Sun Mar 30 18:01:26 CDT 2008

On Sunday 30 March 2008 10:07:07 Bruce Gilbert wrote:
> I am Apache running on my local server and I used XAMPP to install
> Apache, PHP and MySQL in a Windows environment. For a while everything
> worked great as far as starting the Apache server, but now whenever I
> start the server I get a busy msg. in the XAMPP control panel and
> Apache doesn't start. Any suggestions as to how to debug and solve
> this problem?

Guessing that you have already looked at the task manager and confirmed it is 
running, or no?

Some posts on the forum over at apachefriends.org relating to the same 
symptoms, seems the most common oddness is inadvertently running one of the 
xampp services as a service at start up rather than manually, try this:

Start the xampp control panel...
Go to Settings --> SCM
In Services (Local) right-click Apache2 --> Properties
Change Startup Type to "Manual"

More tips here on this thread:



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