[thelist] Page weight -- good examples of "light" sites?

Barry Woolgar barry at burnthebook.co.uk
Thu Mar 27 04:21:31 CDT 2008


> and www.sixapart.com (62K)

Are you counting all the associated 'first visit' files like CSS and JS? I
just 'Save As'd the sixapart.com homepage in Opera and ended up with 112K of
files. How about transfer compression? That could result in a larger site
loading faster than a smaller site (and could potentially cause the 62K/112K
disparity I see). Just a thought that its possibly not so clear.

I've seen a fair few sites that render nothing until they've transferred
closer to 1MB on the first load - massive javascript libraries ftw!


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Hi Clive, 

"Clive R Sweeney" <clive at designshift.com> asked:
> It seems the typical home page for a website nowadays weighs in at 
> about 500KB or more (according to a quick sampling I just did. We used 
> to aim for 50-60kb total for a web page. Are there any important (i.e. 
> high
> profile) sites now that could still fit that guideline?

At the risk of reiterating the obvious... www.google.com (3K)

www.37signals.com (17K) 

and its offshoots:
  www.BasecampHQ.com (23K)
  www.campfirenow.com (couldnt find a page there > 50k!)

Not to mention www.alistapart.com (22K of gorgeous design goodness)

And of course, our own: www.evolt.org (61K)

Then there's www.pbs.org (51K)

and www.sixapart.com (62K)

and oh yeah: my employer: www.erlbaum.net (14K!)




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