[thelist] Real human keyword figure-outer

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Tue Mar 25 20:42:47 CDT 2008

Interesting idea.  Not sure how it would work _before_ it draws a  
significant audience, though.  Somehow it needs to work from the start  
-- when there are only a few people going to it.


Stephen Rider

On Mar 25, 2008, at 6:01 PM, Joshua Olson wrote:
> I think you are right.  I do have an idea though.  I believe that web
> professionals like people on the list are often getting asked to  
> manage, or
> at least be a part of managing, pay-per-click services.  While you can
> easily see what search terms people are using to find your site via  
> the log
> files, it's not easy to tell which terms people SHOULD be finding  
> your site
> by.  So, my idea is this.  Instead of us all guessing, we all go to  
> a tool
> where we can submit the general nature of our site and ask the simple
> question of "what would you search on to find my site?"  As payment,  
> you are
> presented with 10 random website descriptions from other people, and  
> have to
> answer 4 of them by entering search term(s).  Once a person has a  
> decent
> number of answers (like 100 or something) their question is removed  
> from
> rotation.
> That's it.  If you want your question posted, your payment is  
> answering
> other people's.  So long as people are finding value in the results  
> they get
> and keep coming back, it should be self-sustaining.

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