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Megan Holbrook meganwh at wi.rr.com
Tue Mar 25 15:32:40 CDT 2008

Joshua Olson wrote:
> Hi gang,
> I'm working through some SEO stuff and had an idea as I am sitting here
> pondering which search terms to suggest that my client use for PPC
> advertising.
> Does anybody know of a list/resource where I can ask something like the
> following:
> "If I was to ask you to look for resources for selling a home yourself in
> the Augusta, Georgia market, which keywords would you search on?  Think
> impulsively here and give me the first terms that pop into your head."
> The idea is that I would then get hundreds of people telling me what term
> they'd impulsively use if they were looking for that "thing" I described.
> Anybody heard of such a tool?

What about using Amazon's Mechanical Turk to ask a larger group of 
people, and aggregate the results...? Will cost your client some money, 
but probably not a lot depending on how many results you want.


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