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Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
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I agree with your comments about the assumed knowledge in the Joomla community. Which is odd, as I'd expect them to want to target a more general, non-technical audience.

I did get it to work using Jumi! I couldn't call the page directly, but I created a custom coded page that grabs the GET variables from the URI and then loads the other page with an iFrame call, adding the two GET vars to the src string in the iFrame code. It still stumbled at first, until I discovered that the Joomla email obfuscation plugin was scrambling the email address (which is one of the GET vars). Had to turn that off, then it worked like a charm.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Now i just have to clean up the css on those integrated pages.

As for the code-as-content issue, good question. This may come up in the future for me as well, so perhaps I'll investigate how to get around that. If you come across a means, please share.


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There is ample learning on the run with Joomla.  The mambot makes running scripts 100 times easier.  With the plug-in installed, you can go into any static content page and run a script as:

{jumi [some_folder/some_script.php] }

There seems to be an expectation in the Joomla community of assumed knowledge, so I think the documentation isn't as I would like. For scripts that only an admin can access/run I am passing a couple variables from joomla to test; if they exist good, if not, can't access the page.  I'm a dabbler, not a hardcore techy; it takes me a little longer to learn the stuff but when it clicks it feels good.

The other note I haven't figured out with Jumi  - sometimes I want to print out some php code on a page as an example.  With Jumi installed it wants to escape the code, meaning either delete words or does other inconsistencies.  I've tried various things to disable the escaping.
Maybe the solution here is to disable either Jumi or the plug-in for that page only?


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