[thelist] website is a blank page, part 2

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 14:41:44 CDT 2008

Pieter Roosens scribeva in 03/11/2008 07:49 PM:
> Nope. Blank page, but ... only in Safari (I'm on a Mac).
> In Firefox and Opera it works!

Works also in IE - but fails on Konqueror, which is not surprising as 
WebKit is derived from KHTML.

And funny enough, it seems that Safari and Konqueror are doing the right 
thing :-)

> So it's a browser issue, but I don't have any idea what, so indeed  
> validate it ..

And sure it validates, as in HTML you don't have to close your elements 
- or comments... And it so happens to be, that this document is just one 
big comment since the <style> tag :-)

<tip type="html comments" author="kasimir-k">
If you hide your styles or scripts from older browsers using html 
comments, remember to close those comments - otherwise you are hiding 
the entire document from some newer browsers.

<tip type="CSS" author="kasimir-k">
Don't include your styles (or scripts for that matter) in your documents 
- use external styles (and scripts) instead. You'll be happier that way.


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