[thelist] How to store data in multidimensional array in a loop (PHP)

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Wed Sep 19 01:24:57 CDT 2007

Hi there,

I need to store three pieces of data - a result of a SQL query - in a  
multidimensional array, but don't really succeed. Sometimes it works,  
but then the output doesn't work accordingly.

My SQL result comes with something like this:
Code: ( text )
Africa   |    y2000   |   9430
Africa   |    y2005   |   9678
Europe   |    y2000   |   2314

where there are 6 regions and multiple years.

Last thing I came up with was this for stocking the data in the array:
Code: ( php )
$sum_pop_total_dataset[] = array($row['reg_name'] => array($row 
['year'], $row['popt']));

That seemed to work. But then the output function went a bit wrong:
Code: ( php )
while (list($key1) = each ($sum_pop_total_dataset))
     echo "<br />key1: ".$key1;
     while (list($key2, $value) = each ($sum_pop_total_dataset[$key1]))
         echo "<br />key2: ".$key2."   value: ".$value[0];


Code: ( html4strict )
key1: 0
key2: North America value: y_2005
key1: 1
key2: Europe value: y_2005
key1: 2
key2: Asia + Pacific value: y_2005

So, it seemed that the allocation of the SQL result to the principal  
variable didn't work correctly. But if I take the [] away from  
$sum_pop_total_dataset[]*= ..., than the variable is being re- 
initialized at each time.

Can someone give me a hint what I should do?

Thanks a lot!


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