[thelist] moving from static to dynamic content

Kristian Rink kristian at zimmer428.net
Mon Sep 17 15:28:18 CDT 2007


Mark Joslyn schrieb:
> Here is the problem - the majority of the static press release pages are
> listed in Google among other portal sites across the web. If I roll out this
> new dynamic press release system and remove the old static pages, I will get
> quite a few 404 pages returned to potential visitors. 

Personally, seeing a 404 (be that blank-server or "customized") would
make me leave the site and not check any further, possibly this is not
the best of all ideas. What exactly do the "static" URLs you used so far
look like? Any pattern in that?

> to have 70+ forwards), or what is the "industry-standard" method to resolve
> the migration to a more dynamic website?

What about including site "shortnames" rather than / along with id
references in your database? You could set up your application to treat




right the same using just a bit of code and eventually some .htaccess /
mod-rewrite magic. Asides from seamlessly integrating with your static
links in google, this would also allow for more "handy" URLs to pass
around to customers (remembering /my-shiny-news is easier than
remembering /index.php?id=176 ;) ).

Depends on the structure of the static links, though.

Cheers & best regards,

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