[thelist] Whitespace Issue using Nifty Corners Cubed

Taurus James taurus_james at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 30 13:58:07 CST 2006


I'm using Nifty Corners Cubed on a site with JavaScript to create a tabbed display on a page.  


The first tab displays fine without a specified height for the div.  However, when you click on a nav button (like "BUY"), the other divs are shown with an excessive amount of whitespace below the content.

I don't think this is a problem with Nifty (directly).  I'm thinking it has to do with the fact that the other 4 divs are not displayed (hidden) when the page is rendered.  When the JavaScript sets the div style to display:block (from display:none), is the div rendered with an inherited height of a container/parent div???

The containing divs don't have specified heights, that's why I think there is a problem with the JavaScript changing the style after the fact.  This is happening in both FF and IE, so I'm hoping it's something simple I'm missing.

Anyone have any ideas??


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