[thelist] Is supressing the incorrect display of alt text in IE a good thing

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 15:56:57 CST 2006

> Is there any luck in detecting the disabled property of images?

Yes, by trying to create a new image and see if it gets loaded, or
testing if there is an image in the document that has been loaded. Be
careful though, MSIE has a nasty habit of not firing off the onload
handler when the image is cached which is why you need to add a random
string to the image source when you generate it. PPK does this in his
image replacement thingy:


With IE, the fun never stops!

Seriously though, why are you bending over backwards because of a
tooltip display that only occurs when a user hovers over an element
long enough to see it happening?

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