[thelist] Is supressing the incorrect display of alt text in IE a good thing

liorean liorean at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 15:35:25 CST 2006

On 22/01/06, VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK <volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com> wrote:
> in terms of accessibility?
> Or can it have some side-effects?

Several screen readers and other alternate rendering engines are based
on iew, so it would be bad for accessibility in those. It would also
be bad for accessibility in normal iew if people have uncommon
configurations such as disabled images but not disabled active
content, or if they are on a slow connection that often times out for
larger files or that drops a lot of packages. Why don't you just add
empty title attributes instead of removing alt attributes?
David "liorean" Andersson

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