[thelist] dot net - copy project question

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 00:29:16 CST 2006

Hi mahalie,

> I have an apache web design (little bit o dev) background but am
> now learning .NET because of job demands.

Welcome to the dark side ;)

> The curve is sharp - MS does everything
> their own way and the way they explain things seems very ambiguous to me.

What about the things that they don't explain :)

> Anyway, I need to edit a .NET app developed in Visual Studio (2003) - I
> do not want to risk screwing something up in the original files but all of
> my attempts at copying the project and getting to run (before any modifications)
> fails!

Actually copying a web project is not a very though process.

1. Make sure that you have FrontPage Server Extensions properly
installed on the server you want to copy your project to.

2. From visual studio .net IDE choose
-> copy project
-> destination project folder: http://www.example.com/ (where you want
to copy the proj)
-> web access method FrontPage
-> copy only files needed to run this application.

3. Click OK. Enter your credentials.

4. Start staring at the progress bar (that's what we developers do
most of the time, isn't it :) )


Do you recevie some sort of error message?

Volkan Ozcelik
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