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Subject: [thelist] Dot Net / Browser Rendering Capacity Question

: Hi Folks,
: A bit of background: 
: We have quite a few reports where we pull info from a database 
: and present the data in tabular form.  In the past we used to 
: build our 'summary level' reports in ASP and our 'detail level' 
: reports in Brio because Brio used a browser plug-in that enabled 
: users to see "really big datasets".
: When we tried to do 'detail level' reporting in ASP it would 
: blow up on us.  ;-(
: [I suspect it was a browser capacity issue where the IE 
: rendering engine would get overwhelmed trying to render a 
: table containing 40 or 50 columns and 250,000 or more rows and 
: just die on us.  I don't think it was an actual limitation of 
: ASP per se.] 
: Question:
: Am I likely to run into the same problems trying to build 'detail 
: level' reports in dot net? ... or is there some 'simple magic' 
: in dot net that I can invoke without too much trouble to get 
: this kind of thing [big table displays] to work.
: Not looking so much for the details behind the magic at this 
: point ... just looking to see if anyone has done this kind 
: of thing in dot net or if this is likely to be a dead end.
: Thanks!!
: RonL.
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Rule of thumb: If it won't fit in Excel forget it....................the recommended 
practical limit for an intranet is 3 meg......

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