[thelist] Should you design and test for unsupported browsers?

Asif Suria asifsuria at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 20 12:19:52 CST 2006

You could use a script to sniff out the browser and
display a message to Mac IE users notifying them that
MS has stopped supporting the browser they are using.
I am sure many end users do not understand the
security implications. Helping them understand this
with a simple message could help them convert to
either Safari or Firefox and most of them will be
thankful to you for letting them know.


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--- Rob Smith <rob.smith at lexjet.com> wrote:

> >I don't think I'd let Microsoft's dropping of
> support be a 
> >determining factor in whether you support Mac IE or
> not. 2% 
> >of your customer base seems like it would add up to
> significant 
> >revenue worth supporting in my book.
> Only 5% of our revenue comes from our website. I did
> the math on the
> estimated revenue of our Mac/IE browsers and it
> basically comes out to
> the base salary of one sales person. It's enough to
> be concerned about
> in a growing company, but not for one who's been
> around the block for
> 30-50 years. Maybe I just need to walk over to my
> graphic designer and
> ask for a simpler design. 
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