[thelist] Windows/ASP/.NET Hosting recommendations

Chris Johnston fuzzylizard at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 12:10:32 CST 2006

On 1/20/06, Pringle, Ron <RPringle at aurora-il.org> wrote:
> I'm look for a hosting provider to handle 1 umbrella website and 3
> sub-domains (would prefer unlimited subdomains). Needs to be Windows hosting
> environment, with support for classic ASP and .NET, Access and MSSQL. Would
> prefer to manage them all from the same account and the ability to do
> mailing lists would be good. Must be U.S. based.
> Hostgator
> Dreamhost

I have sites with both Hostgator and Dreamhost, however, neither account has
ASP, they both use php. With that being said, I have been extremely happy
with both. Although, I think I lean a little more towards Hostgator then

There have been several times where I have had a problem with my account at
Hostgator and have emailed support and have had the problem fixed almost
immediately. I also can't remember the last time there was downtime with
either host.

Dreamhost does seem to have the better community though with monthly news
letters going out and constant emails updating you on the health of the
system (actually, you have to elect to get the updates emailed to you).

In the end, either host would be a good choice. Just my two cents on two of
your choices there.


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