[thelist] Should you design and test for unsupported browsers ?

Rob Smith rob.smith at lexjet.com
Fri Jan 20 10:25:20 CST 2006

> We should test and design for as much as we can test and design for.
> users who use IE will likely retain their copy of IE for a while, and
> move to a smarter choice, like Mozilla or Opera. 

I'm not exactly sure of Mac Mozilla or Opera, but it breaks down like
this on our statistics:
IE6/WinXP-2000 60%
Safari/Mac-PPC 20%
Lots of other little ones 20%

And I meant to say <2% earlier. Anyway, I'm trying to do this:

And it looks fine in Mozilla/IE on PC; fine in Mac Safari, but in Mac IE
ignores the css on padding:10px. 

So again, should I even worry about it?

A spinoff of this topic could be cross-browser/OS javascript detection
and custom css pages.

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