[thelist] Can I post jobs to this list?

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 04:43:54 CST 2006

> As it seems there's no real consensus on this matter, I got curious and
> had a look at the list guidelines[0] - but there was nothing on job
> announcements. There was however this: "Anything that relates to Web
> development is up for discussion". But is announcing a job discussing
> web development?

My take on that is that a single job might be OK - in the vein of "we
have a job opening here, does anyone want to work alongside me", but
the nature of the initial email with lots of yahoo groups for jobs in
the footer gives me strong feeling that the poster is a headhunter or
a job agency, and if we allowed all of those to post here we might as
well filter the list to dev/null/.

Bad enough that once you have your mobile on monster you get calls all
the time asking if you don't want to work for the company that is the
first on your portfolio list and thus a conflict of interest with your
current employer :-)

Chris Heilmann
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