[thelist] DOM: previousSibling and LI tags

ben morrison morrison.ben at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 04:05:29 CST 2006

> No, just understanding the DOM and safely use it. Test the type of the
> node and apply your bits and bobs then. You can use this replacement
> function for example to really reach the previous LI.
> function realPreviousSibling(node){
>   var tempNode=node.previousSibling;
>   while(tempNode.nodeType!=1){
>     tempNode=tempNode.previousSibling;
>   }
>   return tempNode;
> }
> realPreviousSibling(this) will now return the first previous element
> sibling, regardless of browser.
> Chris

That works perfectly, thankyou. The more javascript i learn, the more
i realise you really have to test for everything - which is a good
coding practice.


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